MemTest 4.0

Ensure that your RAM is running smoothly


  • Runs diagnostic tests very quickly
  • Shows detailed breakdown of RAM
  • Advises of potential errors


  • Cannot always detect RAM bugs
  • Doesn't support all RAM chips

Not bad

Your PC RAM or memory is one of the most important components in your system and if it fails to work right, can leave you in all kinds of trouble.

if you are experiencing unexpected crashes or strange hang-ups, then MemTest will solve the problem once and for all. The program works on the principle of running a series of intense diagnostic tests through the memory to see how it responds. Depending on the results of these tests, it will then inform you whether you need to replace your RAM. A computer that fails the tests will be less stable and crash more often and worse, will start to write corrupted data to your hard disk. over time as corrupted data is written to your hard disk. If you regularly push your PC to it's limits via gaming or with high end graphics apps, then it's essential that your memory works smoothly. As the developers point out, you can try to resolve problems by tweaking the RAM but unfortunately, this is a very hit and miss way of diagnosing any problems whereas this program reveals memory bugs and errors instantly.

A useful tool for anyone who is experiencing instability issues and if you're worried int could be your RAM, will put any doubts to rest.

MemTest is a RAM reliability tester that evaluates the ability of your computer's memory to store and retrieve data accurately.

A correctly functioning computer should be able to do both these tasks with 100% accuracy day in and day out but if it's not working correctly, you may be experiencing instability issues.



MemTest 4.0

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